About me

Qualified by the International NLP Federation, The European Community for Neuro-Linguistic programming and The Association of Professional Coaching (APC)

I am Mike Lancaster, and I’m a Motivational Speaker, Mindset & Life Coach, where I use my insights and real-life experiences to get the best out of my clients.


I was in a dark place at the age of 23 & the Years that followed, I struggled with anxiety, fear and an array of debilitating limiting beliefs that led me into a deep depression and a life of pressing the self destruct button.

After attempting suicide, I stood up and fought my demons and learned to build up a robust and bulletproof mindset that enabled me to turn my life around completely.

Michael Lancaster Life Coach

My Passion

My purpose and mission lie in supporting you to achieve your goals and dreams by teaching you the skills to positively change your mindset, your limiting behaviours and the way you process your thoughts to achieve life changing results.

I have been through the nights of the soul and am now living my dreams. I have developed & teach life-changing techniques that create a strong belief structure. This structure is so robust that you will develop a relentless attitude to set your goals and achieve them.

My Goals

I am committed to the well being of you as my client and I can draw upon my “Real Life” experiences to connect with you so I can go above and beyond and cater for your needs.

I work with clients who are both men and women, and I will challenge you to train your mind with processes that enable you to cultivate a mindset that will empower you to create and design your life the way you want it.

Ready to change your life?


Dream It. Believe It. Achieve It.


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