Here are some results that my clients have had.

Dear Friend, Here is a note that I hope you view as a thank you, and a testimonial for others who may be wondering how you can help them.
Thank you for guiding me out of the mentally darkening rooms I found myself in, you helped me find the crack in the door, even if some days I only looked through the door to see light, some days I swing that door wide open. It is magnificent.
When I messaged you at 6am, in a plea of panic my message read “I think I need help”, and your response was “Hi” within ten minutes! My thoughts had spiralled, based on scenarios, which I felt were out of my control at the time.
Thank you for taking the time to help guide me over the last month out of a dark space. I trusted in you, and you showed me trust back you were frank with me when needed, which enabled me to view the water more clearly.
Heck you even made me laugh – I had forgotten how to do this too. Some days I do not laugh still, I just smile. However, I now think of the times I have laughed.
You have helped me find ME again, helped me believe in myself, and helped guide me. If there is anyone out there who has found themselves contemplating anything they should not have to, or even just needs a friendly chat.
I can honestly, openly say Mike is a credible guy, with a wealth of valuable experience in life, and in lesson. Do not be afraid to ask for the help you think you might need!
I am so glad I found the courage to say, “I need help”.
Dear Mike – Thank you – A forever friend.
"I am so proud of this person, the journey they are on in finding themselves and them now knowing what is possible in life. What if I fall ... Oh but what if you fly. Made me rather emotional thank you for letting me be a small part of your journey"

Over the past few years I have been through alot. My relationship of 26 years came to an abrupt and unexpected end, my husband who i loved and gave my all. But i was not good enough.

I lost my family home as i was unable to afford it, so had to move into a rental.

I lost my job due to redundancy a few months later, a job i loved and had done for 12 years. I was also left financially ruined.

I have a daughter so lying down was never an option but i didn't have the strength or courage to do anything other than literally focus on survival. Ive rode the wave... Taken prescribed medicine... Counselling tried the lot. At the end of last year I found out my ex husband had moved on and it floored me. My self esteem... My self worth... Was non existent.

I felt i was useless. Although people knew i was a bit sad. I kept the true extent of my feelings to myself. Locked myself away and put on the brave front.

In all honesty it was at that stage I thought maybe my daughter and family would be better if i wasn't here. And i was desperate for a rest from the pain in my head and my heart. Mike you’re positive spirit and inspirational story did eventually save me. I sat one night without my daughter contemplated my reason for living, it was that night i messaged Mike. I knew if anyone could help he could. So whilst embarrassed I made the decision to reach out. I shouldn't have worried. He made me feel totally ok that i was breaking and told me he'd help. He didn't lie.

He listened.. I cried.. Alot!. He listened and offered advice. Phone calls, zooms and constant support has truly helped me.. Mike made me do a list for me to see how i see myself and look at my self worth... We have done NLP anchoring... Leaving me rested and relaxed. I have been able to move into 2021 with a fully different mindset.. Im focusing on my life. My positives and most of all i know i could contact Mike at any time, i know ive still got aong way to go but Mike has certainly started me on a stronger journey... Thankyou so much you saved me .
I seen instantly a low in my staffs mental health and spark to life .
I knew I could help them but I just didn’t know how . As business went on we did really well and was very busy so that helped a lot , but there was still that something missing. ??? So as I strive to be the best at everything I do I researched a gentleman called mike Lancaster who specialises in counselling and therapy , and seen how good his reviews were and helped people.
So not knowing what to do I got in contact with mike and asked if he could come and HELP MY STAFF with some friendly therapy and a shoulder to talk to. He was fantastic at explaining what he did and how he could help my staff to be the buzzing confident group they were. So as of last night mike had a session with 3 members of my staff and boom . What a response I had , “ can I see him again “ “ he was like a friend “ “ I was not sure what to expect but he was amazing “ Obviously this is the first week in which I have booked mike and helped my staff in a councillor way and wow it’s paid off a million times better than I could of imagined. so obviously I’ve now booked mike Lancaster for the next 3 months continuous to come and help every single member of Borleys that wants too . What I’m trying to say to everyone is we all need a bit of help now and then , no matter how big or hard you are we all have a beating heart the same inside. Try to help one another you just might be making someone s day / week / a better place .
Kev B
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